Escape the Ordinary.

Unlock the potential of your team in these immersive experiences like nothing you've seen.
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Work together and overcome the odds before time runs out! Will your team crack under pressure, or capture the win?

Don’t forget to think outside the box! Not everyone can accomplish the task, but be creative and you’ll surely escape.

These immersive worlds packed full of characters, clues, and challenges. Always remember that everyone has something to contribute.

Big Top Battle

Challenge your friends, family, or colleagues to surprising duels in Big Top Battle, a distinct experience perfect for any large group. Each team has an equal chance, but only one team will come out on top.

10 – 200+ Players

120 minutes

Murdoch Mysteries Escape Game: The Secret of Station House No. 4

Murdoch is missing and only your team can unravel the clues. With unexpected actor interactions, and puzzles designed to build trust among teammates, this experience is perfect for groups of all types and ages. 

4 – 12 Players

90 minutes

Escape from the Tower

At the height of WW2 your team has been recruited to overcome a wide variety of challenges and use out of the box thinking to find the coordinates of enemy’s U-boats and communicate their location before the next deadly attack.

4 – 12 Players

90 minutes

King of the Bootleggers

In prohibition’s peak, Rocco Perri sits atop the bootlegging empire but in the sordid world of swingin’ speakeasies, everyone’s out for a piece of the pie. Remember, communication is key to become the next kings and queens of the bootleggers.

6 – 20 Players

90 minutes

Station M

Your team stumbles upon Station M: a hidden spy base full of confidential experiments. Work together to complete one last mission before the whole place is…decommissioned. 

4 – 12 Players

90 minutes

"This game is brilliantly conceived. It will bring out your inner sleuth for sure."

– Maureen Jennings, Creator of Murdoch Mysteries

"We’re all young professionals with serious, demanding jobs but this game is bringing out the childlike wonder in us"

– Katrina Clarke, of the Toronto Star

"Excellent. The twisting hallways make an opulent backdrop for the plot, which involves a family mystery, encrypted U-boat co-ordinates and actors"

– Toronto Life Magazine

"The experience is addictive."

– Toronto Life Magazine

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