Back by popular demand, the Murdoch Mysteries escape adventure is now back and has taken residency in the historic Casa Loma!


The wildly popular escape adventure at Casa Loma, “King of the Bootleggers”, has been remastered with a 90% overhaul!


Exclusive September early bird sale for our Special Halloween edition of Where Dark Things Dwell! Use EARLYBIRDHALLOWEEN18 all through September to redeem.


Exhilarating, social and flexible for up to 120 players, Secret City Society is a new type of experience that’s perfect for team building.



“Having the characters in the game turned an already fun scenario into a full-blown experience.”

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“Indulging in the fun of a fictional escape… it isn’t often that you get to play like this as an adult.”

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“It’s like solving a puzzle but in a much bigger and grander way than you thought before.”

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King of the Bootleggers: Remastered

Greetings Adventurers! Welcome to King of the Bootleggers: Remastered! Last time, we saw changes made to our Escape from the Tower adventure, this time we’ve brought changes to our 1920’s prohibition-themed game! Since launching the Escape Casa Loma frontrunner “King...

Stay Curious: Not So Secret Spies

Over at Casa Loma, we operate plenty of adventures for family and friends to enjoy. One of our most popular games, Station M, gives players a chance to practice their spy skills. Because who doesn't dream of being part of a covert operation, right? Right! Now, you’d...

Quittin’ Time

Here at Secret City Adventures, we design games known for rewriting team dynamics. Family gathering? No problem! Had a long team meeting? We’ve got you covered! Just looking for something to do? Come on down! Escaping monotony is no easy task, that’s why we champion...

The Bermuda Triangle

Here at Secret City Adventures where we champion those who “#StayCurious”, we take pride in the skeptics that we’ve managed to nurture over the years. Our Escape Rooms, though challenging and mysterious, have yet to be deemed “unbeatable”. What we’ll be covering today...

Are the Simpson’s Given Enough Credit?

The experiences we operate here at Secret City Adventures are a great way for groups of friends to get reconnect. Working together to reach a common goal can bring out pretty interesting discussions! "Like what?" you may ask? Well, sit tight! This post is actually...

Spoilers Start Wars

Here at Secret City Adventures, we create memorable experiences for our players. Often times in an Escape Room, the less you know the better. With a track record of providing unique and intense experiences that can surprise even the most skilled puzzle enthusiasts,...

Looking Back on 2017

2017 was another step forward for us here at Secret City Adventures. Looking back isn’t something that we do too often so we thought this year we’d do something a little different. Here's a survey that some of our busy team members took the time to respond to.    ...

Puzzle Pumpkin: Christmas Edition

We’re gearing up for the holidays here at the Secret City Adventures office and we realized there was only one thing missing to make it extra perfect: Puzzle Pumpkin! If you recall, we had our very first Puzzle Pumpkin this past Halloween. It was so much fun that...

The “Eureka! Effect”

Did you know that the term “Eureka!” actually had its humble beginnings in an ancient Greek bathtub? When asked to determine whether the local king’s crown was pure gold or not, Archimedes, the renowned mathematician, was stumped. Sitting in a bathtub, watching water...

Inspiration of the Week: George Brown

Nestled into one of the 36 national historic sites of Canada. Toronto’s George Brown house has become home to the official Murdoch Mysteries Escape Room. Though the house now transforms into an intense and immersive theatrical experience throughout the week; before...