Break the curse at Black Creek Pioneer Village!

Explore a cursed village at dusk. Uncover the secrets hidden among the barns and homesteads, but don’t awaken the dark things that dwell just out of sight… Read MoreBook Now

Touring 6 Canadian cities, enter a world inspired by The Legend of Zelda video game series

A limited time chance to enter a world inspired by The Legend of Zelda video game series. Read MoreBook Now

Murdoch Mysteries comes to the historic George Brown House

The fan favorite series is coming to Toronto this February, and you're the star detective. Get your tickets for The Secret of Station House No. 4. Read MoreBook Now


“Nearly 75 years after Casa Loma served as an undercover research centre for anti-submarine detection technology, the castle is offering a game that takes you back to those days.”


“Unlike other escape rooms, this one is theatrical and includes a cast of actors to further enhance the immersive experiences.”

“We’re all young professionals with serious, demanding jobs but this game is bringing out the childlike wonder in us.”



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Secret Initiation

Thinking of joining The Mad Fox Society? Your initiation will involve puzzles, cryptic clues and only a 15% success rate! Secret societies like this might sound made up, but here are four real-life organizations with an equally interesting story: The Knights Templar...
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I Put a Spell on You

Think Imhotep’s Book of the Dead is just fiction created for The Mummy? Nope, this ancient book dates back to c. 300BC and was created as very real book of immense power. Translated literally as the Book of Coming Forth by Day, it was designed to help and secure the...
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Can You Figure Out the Trick to This Illusion?

Anamorphic illusions are based on the principle of anamorphosis, which is any warped projection that requires the viewer to look at it from a specific perspective or use a special device to correctly or fully, see the image.   The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the...
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Escape History: Mystery of Time and Space

Escape rooms didn't start out as physical rooms - they started out as flash games on the computer. Let's examine the roots of escape rooms together by first looking at one of the original but often forgotten genre-defining examples of escape-the-room flash games:...
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Petals Around the Rose: Can you Figure Out the Mystery?

The name of the game is an important clue. Somebody rolls a set of five or six dice and then announces an answer, which is always either an even number or zero. New players are told to figure out the pattern by themselves and announce the correct result of every roll...
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Inspiration Friday: Lewis Carroll

Introducing Inspiration Friday: Curious ideas for curious minds. "Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!" - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland You may know him as the writer of Alice in Wonderland, but Lewis Caroll was also a great logician,...
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Escape Room Game Design Tips Part 1: Affordances and Signifiers

Edit: This article synthesizes ideas from Don Norman's influential book, The Design of Everyday Things, which is a fantastic resource on user experience design principles. As a disclaimer, the principles described are not claimed to be Company & Co's. The...
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Secret City Travelogue: The Chicago TransWorld Escape Room Conference

On an early mid-August morning, we sent Company & Co.’s general manager, Leonardo Dell’Anno, and game designer, Kevin Parnell, to the airport to catch a flight to Chicago, where TransWorld Trade Shows was hosting the first ever escape room conference. It was the...
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Einstein’s Puzzle (The Zebra Puzzle)

Einstein's Puzzle, or The Zebra Puzzle, is a mind-boggling logic puzzle. To solve it, you will need to put on your detective hat and using the clues given to you in the story, answer a simple question. Albert Einstein is often credited as the inventor of the puzzle,...
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The Art of Puzzles: Scott Kim

"A puzzle is a problem that is fun to solve and has a right answer." Scott Kim is the creative mind behind the educational games site Shuffle Brain. An American Korean professional puzzle designer and computer game designer, Scott is well known for his clever...
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