Break the curse at Black Creek Pioneer Village!

Explore a cursed village at dusk. Uncover the secrets hidden among the barns and homesteads, but don’t awaken the dark things that dwell just out of sight… Read MoreBook Now


“Unlike other escape rooms, this one is theatrical and includes a cast of actors to further enhance the immersive experiences.”

“Nearly 75 years after Casa Loma served as an undercover research centre for anti-submarine detection technology, the castle is offering a game that takes you back to those days.”


“We’re all young professionals with serious, demanding jobs but this game is bringing out the childlike wonder in us.”


Become a detective and try to beat our criminal mastermind!

The fan favourite series Murdoch Mysteries is now playable in Toronto, and you're the star detective! Can you discover the clues, piece together the evidence and crack the case? Read MoreBook Now

Leftover Laws

Our latest escape game Where Dark Things Dwell at Black Creek Pioneer Village is played in an imagined world of the occult with actors… But did you know that until last month there was a law prohibiting pretend witchcraft and fortune-telling still on the statute books...
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Codebreaking 101

According to a recent review by Inside Toronto, our latest escape game Where Dark Things Dwell has “anagrams that would have stumped Alan Turing” so let’s have a look at what you’re up against… Can you remember what he invented? If the ‘enigma machine’ immediately...
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The Rules of the Game

A dastardly crime has been committed. It ought to be impossible! A colourful cast of characters all serve as suspects. The game is afoot! Who is clever enough to solve the mystery? The great detective, of course - the hero of the story - and the reader, too! The...
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Torontonian Fun of Yesteryear

Since their development by our partner Real Escape Game in Japan in 2007, escape rooms have been taking the world by storm! Nowadays, they’re so established that it’s hard to imagine they’re a 21st century invention, so let’s take a moment to look back at what people...
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Bootlegging Etymology

From 1916 to 1927 buying a drink in Toronto could have got you in trouble with the law. Why? Prohibition! Although there was a loophole in an exemption for doctors to prescribe their patients alcohol for certain illnesses (which, curiously enough, was especially high...
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The True Lives of Fake Detectives

You’ve heard of Sherlock Holmes, right? Born in 1854, he worked as a consulting detective in London, retiring in 1904. His apartments and home office, which he shared with his friend and biographer Dr John Watson, were famously located at 221B Baker St, in the...
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Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and mirrors may seem an invention of relatively modern magic, but mischievous artists have been using these tools for much longer than that. At first glance, this 15th century painting by Jan van Eyck appears to be a simple image of a couple to celebrate their...
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Spinning… but which way?

This dancer’s clearly spinning, but the lack of depth on the image means the brain can interpret her as moving either way. Approximately two-thirds of people initially see the dancer spinning clockwise, and some can even see her switch directions – how about you? When...
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Secret Initiation

Thinking of joining The Mad Fox Society? Your initiation will involve puzzles, cryptic clues and only a 15% success rate! Secret societies like this might sound made up, but here are four real-life organizations with an equally interesting story: The Knights Templar...
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I Put a Spell on You

Think Imhotep’s Book of the Dead is just fiction created for The Mummy? Nope, this ancient book dates back to c. 300BC and was created as very real book of immense power. Translated literally as the Book of Coming Forth by Day, it was designed to help and secure the...
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