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The Dragons Song

The Dragon's Song

Escape From the Tower

Escape From the Tower

King of the Bootleggers

King of the Bootleggers

Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries Escape Game

Station M

Station M

T.O. Game Show

T.O. Game Show

Big Top Battle

Big Top Battle

Where the Dark things Dwell

Where Dark Things Dwell

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You have been asked to embark upon a dangerous quest: to save dragons from extinction.

Casa Loma’s tower becomes a portal to another world of wizards and magic, where the last dragon egg is rumoured to rest. Will you find the egg and learn the secret of the dragon’s song?

The year is 1941. You and your team have been recruited to an undercover Anti-Submarine Detection Research Centre in the tower of Casa Loma.

Find the coordinates of the enemy’s U-boats and communicate their location to our allies. You have 60 minutes. Will you escape?

In 1920’s Toronto, prohibition is at its peak and at the top of the bootlegging empire sits notorious gangster, Rocco Perri.

In the sordid world of swingin’ speakeasies, everyone’s out for a piece of the pie. You receive an invitation to a secret meeting at Rocco’s infamous bar.

Detective Murdoch is missing and as Toronto’s newest constables you’ve been called into action, but the clock is ticking!

The stable coachman’s house at Casa Loma comes alive as you discover the clues, piece together the evidence, crack the case, and unravel the Secret of Station House No. 4!

The war is over, the fascists in Europe have lost, and it’s time for celebration; or so it would seem.

In the dark tunnels that run below Casa Loma, there lies a secret. You and your closest friends stumble upon the soon to be decommissioned Station M. Can you get in and out in time?

TO Game Show combines lightning-fast trivia with quirky live challenges for a unique game show experience never before seen by Toronto audiences!

Each round's top scoring trivia players come on stage to compete in challenges for unique prizes. With our charismatic hosts at the helm and 90 minutes of trivia and laughter-filled competitions, T.O. Game Show brings crowds alive like never before.

A madcap carnival filled with duels, wagers, and secrets! Each team has a shot at the crown, but only one will come out on top.

Big Top Battle can be played anywhere, anytime. With 90 minutes on the clock, up to 120 players face off in wacky mini-games to see who will win the Big Top Battle.

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Founded in 2012, Secret City’s mission is to design immersive experiences that push the boundaries of adventurous entertainment.

Blending fantasy with reality and theatre with gaming, our adventures includes casts of actors and full theatrical production sets. We are pioneers of creating immersive experiences in Toronto, including the Casa Loma Escape Series, Black Creek Pioneer Village Escape Series, and the official Murdoch Mysteries Escape Game. Around every corner there's a puzzle or clue–just look closer, ask the right questions, stay curious, and you'll uncover new worlds of adventure.

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Play together, apart

Just because we have to stay apart, doesn’t mean we can’t play together. Our unique virtual escape game experience offers a way for your remote teams to collaborate and have fun together. We can host up to 120 people in teams of 6 players. You’ll explore our rooms in a 360-degree virtual environment while solving puzzles together in a video chat room. Our clue staff provide storytelling cues, hints and support throughout the experience.

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