30 to 300 players.

Up to 2 hours of gameplay.

A customizable experience.

Unique T.O. venues.

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Your own personal game show.

T.O. Game Show is a live experience combining the fast-paced fun of HQ Trivia with the social antics of Jack Box party games and improv comedy.

Each round players test their trivia knowledge on their mobile devices. The top scoring players come on down to the stage to compete in fun and quirky games for unique prizes. With our charismatic hosts at the helm and 90 minutes of trivia and laughter-filled competitions, T.O. Game Show brings crowds alive like never before.


What the press are saying


“”The game requires team work, speed and intuition. It’s definitely challenging. And – bloody hell! – it’s a huge amount of fun”

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“The game should challenge sleuths of all ages and was way more fun to play than any other murder mystery “

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“You have to rifle through cabinets and desk drawers to find artifacts that correspond to puzzles scattered about the room”

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Frequently asked questions

Is this an Escape Room?

No. An escape room requires your team working together with the intention of escaping, while T.O. Game Show is a competitive game of trivia and theatrical stage games. In this game players compete individually in rounds of trivia on their smartphones. The best players of each round are then called to the stage to compete in live theatrical games for prizes. The main purpose of this game is to have fun while competing with and being hilariously put on the spot in front of your co-workers and friends.

How long is the game?

A game can range between 90 – 120 minutes (including a 15 minute intro/outro). The timing of the live theatrical games played on stage can vary depending on the players involved.

Do we need a large venue to play? Can we play T.O. Game Show in our office boardroom?

It depends on your boardroom and the number of players, and a projector and screen are required regardless of the venue. While we suggest a space with theatre-style seating and raised stage area for the most optimal experience, the game can run anywhere with a projector and screen, from small bars and restaurants to large pool halls and event venues. Email us and we can discuss the details.

Is the cost of the venue included in the experience price?

No. Venue costs are separate and can vary depending on the venue. Please call us for further information.

Can you travel outside of Toronto?

Yes! We can bring T.O. to any venue in any city. However, if you are located 25 km outside of downtown Toronto, we require an additional travel expense. If you’re not sure just give us a call at 647-243-7658.

I am a beginner, will I be able to play and have fun?

T.O. Game Show features rounds of trivia with questions covering a very broad range of topics and level of difficulty, and the theatrical stage games require no previous knowledge or specific skill. We can also remove or substitute game elements at your request, so give us a call at 647-243-7658 and we will help customize the experience for you.

Can we customize the experience?

Absolutely. With enough notice, we can customize the trivia rounds to cover any themes of your choice and incorporate your branding into the experience, as well as adapt the length of the experience to fit your schedule. For more information, send us an email here.

What are the trivia rounds like?

Trivia questions cover a broad range of themes and topics (or can be customized to your preference). For example, they could include questions about present and past pop culture, world history, fun local facts; almost anything is fair game. The rounds are fast-paced and easy to play on a smartphone. Our host guides the experience to ensure everyone has a fair chance at answering the trivia questions, as well as giving interesting context to the correct answers.

What are the theatrical stage games like?

The best players of each trivia round are invited on stage to compete in front of the audience for prizes. Our host briefly interviews each player and introduces the game to be played. On stage games can range from comedic improv situations or quick drawing, to guessing what the audience thinks about certain topics or interacting with silly props and racing to complete a challenge. The games are designed to require no previous knowledge or specific skill to partake; most often they result in humorous moments between the contestants and audience.

Do we have to go up on stage in front of everyone?

This experience is modelled after a game show with the intention of having individuals compete for the specific chance to go up on stage to vie for prizes. However, we do want everyone to have fun at their own comfort level, so if selected you’re more than welcome to forfeit your chance on stage to the next best player on the leaderboard.

Do you offer corporate bookings?

Yes. T.O. Game Show was designed with our corporate clients in mind as a fun, interactive, team building activity. The majority of bookings are by businesses looking for an unique team building exercise and we’d love to host you and your group of colleagues. Learn more about our team building options, or email us to book a private game.

Do you drop off the game pieces and we run the game ourselves?

Our expert staff are there to facilitate the experience from beginning to end, so all you have to do is show up and have fun!

How much time do you need for setup and teardown?

We’ll need access to the space 60 minutes before the game begins for setup. Teardown takes approximately 30 minutes.

What should I wear?

Anything you like, but we recommend at least comfortable shoes.

Can I replay the game?

Yes! T.O. Game Show is designed to be played repeatedly.

If this is a game show, are there prizes for the winners?

If you would like prizes (other than bragging rights) to be given away to winners we ask that you provide them at your own cost. Our host and staff can easily incorporate them into the experience.

What if I have fewer than 30 players?

We can run a game for less than 30 players; however, the experience may not be as intended. Please note that our minimum price assumes 30 players and we are unable to lower it due to the costs of running the experience.

Do the players need to bring anything with them to the game?

Yes! Each player must have their own smartphone and be able to connect to the internet with a data plan. Wifi will be provided if available, but cannot be relied upon for the experience to run.

Will there be a place to charge our phones?

We provide a small charging station that can be shared by players for short phone charges.

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