Did you know that the term “Eureka!” actually had its humble beginnings in an ancient Greek bathtub?

When asked to determine whether the local king’s crown was pure gold or not, Archimedes, the renowned mathematician, was stumped. Sitting in a bathtub, watching water overflow from it, Archimedes realized that crowns made from alternative materials would displace less water than the heavier gold material. He was so excited about his discovery that he ran home naked shouting “Eureka!”. This was later documented to become known as “The Eureka! Effect”.

When playing one of the premium Escape Rooms that Secret City Adventures has to offer, you’ll come across manychallenges. Like many of life’s “Aha!’s”, These challenges will require you to discover clues that you may have never known to be there. Thinking outside of the box becomes second nature in Escape Rooms! Though the bathtub origin story is a hard “Eureka!” moment to follow, we’ll let you in on some notable breakthroughs to follow!

Archimedes' Eureka Moment

  1. Frequent Flyer Programs are great for airlines, but they haven’t exactly solved one of the common issues that arise for those of us frequently airborne. Case in point: Dietrich Mateschitz was in Thailand looking for a remedy to his jet lag. He stumbled across a foreign drink that provided the alertness he was looking for! Called Krating Daeng, this drink would inspire Mateschitz into creating the wing-inducing energy drink company, Red Bull!  
  2. While surfing on vacation, Nick Woodman found that capturing the moments was extremely difficult. Typical cameras couldn’t get close enough to the action while cameras that were desirable for action shots were far too pricey! Woodman saw an opportunity with mobile point-and-shoot cameras. Since then, Woodman’s GoPro has grown to become a household name in sports photography. 
  3. This “Eureka!” moment starts with a rejected job application at Facebook. When he found it difficult contacting his father back home in Ukraine, Jan Koum took it upon himself to create a voice-over-IP application. Koum decided to incorporate the company on his birthday back in 2009 and ever since WhatsApp has been one of the biggest apps to ever hit the app store! Who would have thought the same rejected applicant would be discussing his company’s acquisition with Zuckerberg just a few years later!  
  4. Countless Escape Rooms around the world are grateful for this next one! In 1956, an IKEA employee was tasked with delivering a side table to a photoshoot. When discovering that the table wouldn’t fit into a car, the employee decided to cut off the legs of the table to have them reattached later at the shoot.

    IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad loved the idea and hired designers to begin the shift in furniture’s packaging model. Since then, IKEA and the flatpack furniture trend have grown tremendously.

In escape rooms, and in life, you never know when the “Eureka!” moment will arrive. One moment can change everything! So long as you remember to keep an open mind and stay curious, any escape room challenge becomes yours to overcome!  

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