“A puzzle is a problem that is fun to solve and has a right answer.”

Scott Kim is the creative mind behind the educational games site Shuffle Brain. An American Korean professional puzzle designer and computer game designer, Scott is well known for his clever ambigrams, or inversions, which are text that can be read more than one way. You might have even admired some 60 of his original ambigrams in his book Inversions (1981) or tried solving a few of his puzzles in the columns of Discover magazine or Scientific American.


Scott Kim Inversions ambigram

Inversions / Scott Kim (1981). His name “Scott Kim” is read one way. Rotate it 180 degrees, it then reads “Inversion”, which is the title of his ambigram book.

In the following TED talk, Scott briefly shares the story behind his career as a puzzle lover, and how we can benefit from working out our brains solving puzzles.

At the 1:00 minute mark, he challenges you to solve the very first puzzle he created as a curious six year old. Can you solve it? (No skipping ahead and cheating!)