Here at Secret City Adventures, we create memorable experiences for our players. Often times in an Escape Room, the less you know the better. With a track record of providing unique and intense experiences that can surprise even the most skilled puzzle enthusiasts, it’s important for us to uphold secrecy. For that reason, in all of our games, we have a strict “No Spoiler” policy!

Spoilers are pieces of information revealed to an audience before their intended discovery. Oftentimes, we associate them with plot points in films or TV shows. We never want the ending of a movie revealed to us, right? Especially if there is a twist! The same goes for our experiences.

Since the term’s emergence in April 1971’s issue of the National Lampoon magazine, there’s been an exponential increase in the usage of spoilers in consumer media. Some spoilers can seem to come from galaxies far, far away while some come straight from the pages of a book! With so many places for information and discussion on the Internet, it’s no wonder spoilers has become prominent in today’s digital climate.  

Star Wars Lego

Here’s a crazy story from our lead prop-builder Mike: a few weeks ago was the opening weekend for the new Star Wars movie. While watching, Mike happened to be on the receiving end of a distasteful spoiler. At a suspenseful moment near the beginning of the film, with no musical score to silence their entry, in comes the culprit—we’ll call them Spoiler McSpoilerpants—and he proceeds to shout out 3 major plot points. Rather than awaiting the aggravated mob of fans, the assailant scurried off before anyone could react.

Mike’s story got us all talking about spoilers. We all realized we’d had our own run-ins with spoilers but Mike’s Star Wars one was definitely the most insane we’d ever heard. Do you have a spoiler story that can top Mike’s?

In our Trial of the Mad Fox escape room, you’re coerced into joining the secret society found at our 76 Stafford Street location. Like any half-decent secret society, the less you know, the more authentic and thrilling the experience. Though our Escape Rooms can tell a great story, they also convey suspense and anticipation to our players. Spoilers have the ability to eliminate both of these key factors.   

Trying to go spoiler-free?
First things first. You should accept that no matter what you do, this likely won’t happen. Though very possible – it’s equally unlikely. Accepting the reality of spoilers doesn’t make it right, but it’s definitely a start! 

Planning to watch the season finale? Avoid Twitter.
Internet forums and social media are hotbeds for spoilers. Anywhere that encourages discussion will be a place for new information, but that includes what’s undiscovered! Unfortunately, the internet can be a cold place when you rely on others following unspoken “netiquette” rules. 

Looking to take your spoiler-free diet a step further?
At the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Justin Ruckman devised a plan. His solution would work similarly to how Twitter’s “muted words” function allows users to remove undesirable content (like spoilers) from their feed. Developing an extension for Google’s Chrome Browser, Ruckman was able to target and block Star Wars related information from his browser’s screen completely! 

As a rule of thumb, the more crucial to the overall experience, the more likely the information is to be considered a spoiler. Some call the act outrageous and unnecessary while some call it just poor “Netiquette.” Consider your experience and how much information was given to you beforehand. Did that information have a role in your overall enjoyment? Not sure? You may want to consider holding off on that information! 

It may be hard to avoid movie spoilers, but we here at Secret City Adventures work extra hard to make sure we don’t reveal any puzzle secrets to our players. So if you follow us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter you don’t have to be worried about any spoilers. Phew!