The experiences we operate here at Secret City Adventures are a great way for groups of friends to get reconnect. Working together to reach a common goal can bring out pretty interesting discussions! “Like what?” you may ask? Well, sit tight! This post is actually inspired by a brief discussion held with our players last June at our Time Travel Lab experience at 76 Stafford Street. The conversation began with something along the lines of: “We simply haven’t given the Simpson’s enough credit.”

Where were you when Homer went into space in ‘94? How about when Bart and Lisa played Knifey Spoony? in Australia? Yes, many of us recall the craze of “Bartmania”, but have we really been missing something deeper?

Home of the Simpsons

All along, the series has been sprinkling in what seem to be oddly accurate predictions to the world we live in today. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got a list to spark that curiosity for you! Check out this list of accurate predictions shown in the Simpsons:

Sigfried and Roy
Episode: $pringfield
Gunter and Ernst, two performers alongside their white tiger partner, Anastasia were performing. The duo is later shown in the show to have been attacked by Anastasia. 10 years after this episode aired, Sigfried and Roy (two performers alongside their white tiger partner, Montecore) were attacked in a similar way. Spooky right?!

Episode: Lisa’s Wedding
In this episode that aired in ‘95, we find Lisa having a conversation with her soon-to-be spouse over video. Today, no one would bat an eyelash, but amidst Lisa’s dramatic decision that took place throughout the episode, this was a gem! We as a society wouldn’t end up using widely known technologies like Skype or Facetime for almost another decade.

NSA and Government Surveillance
The Simpson’s Movie
Since 2007’s “The Simpson’s Movie”, NSA depictions made in Hollywood films have definitely decreased. However, the brief scene made clear that at least in this world, central intelligence can and will screen your calls. The family was arrested after a brief phone call made during their run from authorities. In June of 2013, a certain set of files leaked by an Edward Snowden would completely shift society’s comfort levels on surveillance. Though this topic was definitely ahead of its time, We’ll leave the term “prediction”  up in the air as surveillance concerns were simply part of the late 00’s climate. 

Disney Takeover Fox
Episode: When You Wish Upon a Star
This particular episode aired in 1998. In this prediction, the sitcom went as far as saying the Disney corporation would acquire 20th Century Fox.  Among other celebrities, Mr. Simpson came into contact with a Ron Howard. Being duped by Mr. Howard, Homer’s script idea would be pitched to a “20th Century Fox”. Disney’s actual acquisition of 21st Century Fox took place during 2017, but this prediction was almost 2 decades out! 

God Particle
Episode: The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
The ‘God Particle’, also known as the Higgs boson, was a missing piece in the jigsaw for physicists in trying to understand how the universe works. 14 years prior to its actual discovery, the equation was actually written out by a Homer J. Simpson. Yes, you read that correctly. In 1998, Homer Simpson unknowingly made a breakthrough discovery. No small feat for an animated sitcom! The credit truly goes to the team of mathematicians on the writer’s staff. Their goal was to inspire teenagers interested in mathematics. How’s that for senseless cartoons?

Strange enough, many of these predictions were well-documented already. Few had some debunking to undergo like the viral President Trump prediction, but there are far more instances than simply the list we’ve given you. For those, of course, you’ll have to stay curious to find them! Join the conversation and let us know your favourite TV predictions on our official Facebook and Twitter page!