From 24 to 120 Players

Up to 2 Hours of Exhilarating Fun

Venue of Your Choice

Exclusively for Private Bookings

Do you dare to duel?

It’s the underground event of the year. Your one shot to join the exclusive ranks of the mysterious and marvellous Secret City Society. Press your luck at the Casino. Solve a puzzle at the Imaginarium. Challenge your neighbour to surprising duels. You have 45 minutes to prepare for the final showdown. Do you and your gang have what it takes to win the keys to the Secret City Society?


Exhilarating, social, and flexible for up to 120 players, Secret City Society is a new type of experience that’s perfect for team building. Over the course of 90 minutes, players collaborate with their own team, strategizing and pooling their resources, while also taking risks and duelling other teams for bigger and better rewards. Every team has an equal chance, but only one team will come out on top.