Last week the team here at Secret City Adventures set ourselves a challenge: we had 5 pumpkins and 3 hours to create the greatest puzzles ever seen carved into a fruit (no, pumpkins are not vegetables – we checked)!

Here are the results of our efforts!


Puzzle 1: the mathematics brain-teaser

Only four of the eight cocktail sticks were holding the top of the pumpkin in place. Using the calculations on the sides created in pen and pumpkins seeds, the answers revealed the correct sticks to remove to break the seal.

Prize: best use of pumpkin innards

Maths puzzle pumpkin


Puzzle 2: the classic jigsaw

Classic jigsaw shapes were carved out of the pumpkins in an 3D jigsaw challenge. Putting the pieces back together reassembled the pumpkin.

Prize: most puzzle pieces

Jigsaw puzzle pumpkin


Puzzle 3: the code encryption

A mysterious pattern was carved into the pumpkin. Can you decipher the four digit code?

Prize: best puzzle to light from inside

Puzzle code


Puzzle 4: the technological innovator

Turning the pumpkin top rotated a phone suspended inside. As the phone turned, a responsive photo of our game designer holding up letters was revealed. Looking through the windows carved into the puzzle in the right order, spelt out the word B.A.R.K. which led to the office dog with prize candy on her collar!

Prize: most elaborate puzzle mechanism

Technology puzzle pumpkin


Puzzle 5: the Halloween jigsaw

In a puzzle-twist on the classic Halloween carving, when the pumpkin pieces were assembled, a Jack o’lantern was revealed.

Prize: most Halloween-themed puzzle

Puzzle pumpkin


We’d be proud to include any of these puzzle pumpkins in our escape rooms!

If you’re looking for a challenge this Halloween, why not try carving your own? Then, to really get into the spirit wear your favourite Halloween costume to any of our escape games for the rest of October!