In 2016 we saw the emergence of Pokémon Go and since then, countless Pokémon have been spotted around the world!

Chicago Pokémon Go festival

Since only certain types of Pokémon can be caught at certain locations, tourist spots like the CN Tower have become hotbeds for Pokémon trainers. In fact you only have to take a walk around downtown Toronto to see huge crowds of people on their phones all desperately trying to find that elusive Pokémon…

…a player even spotted a Venonat at our location on 76 Stafford Street!

This real-life gaming phenomenon is something Secret City Adventures knows about only too well; after we brought Real Escape Game to Toronto from Japan in 2014, escape rooms have really taken off in the city!

With their origins in point-and-click video games, escape rooms give players the opportunity to enter an adventure with friends outside of their screens. With most games only lasting 60 minutes, it’s a race against the clock to complete the puzzles, find the clues and solve the mystery.

And just like Pokémon Go where you want to capture the biggest, baddest Pokémon of all, escape rooms really feed into people’s competitive spirit – how quickly can you escape… or will you even escape at all?

But, much like that Pokémon you missed out on catching, to experience the adrenaline thrill of escaping you have to be there. So be there the next time your group of friends get together to play a new and exciting escape room!


Image credit: Pokemon Go Festival at Grant Park in Chicago by Patrick Anenen