Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to King of the Bootleggers: Remastered! Last time, we saw changes made to our Escape from the Tower adventure, this time we’ve brought changes to our 1920’s prohibition-themed game!

Since launching the Escape Casa Loma frontrunner “King of the Bootleggers” in 2015, players have come to know our experiences as an all-access pass to unexplored areas of Toronto’s historic castle.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be taking escape room fans even further into unexplored territory this summer!

Blending history, puzzles and theatrics into memorable experiences is a given when playing a Secret City Adventures escape game, so how could we possibly improve the iconic prohibition-themed adventure!?

We’ve got the full list of updates below!King of the Bootleggers“This game had the most character involvement, with full sections of the game scripted between characters. The amazing actors never broke character and were incredibly convincing – definitely the highlight of the game.” – blogTO 

When considering a remaster, our team looks to expand on parts of the game that keeps the players coming back. How does our team learn this? Player feedback of course! Weeks of analyzing in-game interactions and post-game feedback have gone into the changes and it shows!

For starters, with new rooms being added to the adventure, players who visit the remastered King of the Bootleggers adventure will explore even more of Toronto’s historic castle than ever before! These are unchartered rooms that can only be explored through our adventure.

In addition to the new rooms for exploration, the puzzles found in these rooms have changed as well! Difficulties may range with the all-new puzzle set, but the game has definitely become more challenging!

Puzzle cohesion has been improved as well. Through several phases of testing, our team has created a better flowing experience for players that still connects to it’s dramatic conclusion.
Book Shutting

In other words… Though the game has gotten more challenging, fewer people will be required to complete each puzzle! Moving forward, we’ll just refer to this as “Puzzle Efficiency“.

“John Tory crowned King of the Bootleggers!”

Our very talented team of creatives have been calling this a 90% overhaul, but you don’t have to take our word for it… The long-time fan of historic Casa Loma, John Tory, and his team finally got the chance to give our game a try!

As busy as he was 
celebrating his 40th anniversary at Casa Loma, he found time to beta test our latest remaster! Not only did his team do well, they escaped! Beating the all-new final puzzle, Mayor John Tory was crowned the new King of the Bootleggers! 

John Tory visits Escape Casa Loma

Feedback from the newly crowned King Tory was overwhelming! We were told his team had a blast and look forward to our next adventures in the near future! This, without a doubt, became one of our more memorable beta-testing sessions!

The best part about remastering a game is resetting the success rate. Not only can players join the leaderboard early this time around, they’ll also have the chance dethrone the Mayor of Toronto! Since then, we have yet to actually see a team beat Mayor Tory’s escape time… 

Will your team be the one to dethrone King Tory? Will your team #EscapeCasaLoma?

Come challenge the all-new King of the Bootleggers: Remastered now!