Role: Set Designer and Buyer

Company Overview

Secret City Adventures designs, develops and delivers immersive experiences. Founded on the principles of experience design, Secret City Adventures are pioneers in immersive digital and live action experiences, urban revitalization and other curious endeavours.

In 2013, Secret City Adventures brought the original Real Escape Game from Scrap Entertainment Japan to Toronto, hosting over 25,000 players. Since then they produced the critically-acclaimed Casa Loma Escape Series, which launched in the summer of 2015.


• 3 years experience required
• Portfolio required
• Previous experience in theatre, film, television, live events, escape games, or other relevant projects is a requirement.
• Technical skills and experience with prop building are an asset

Roles and responsibilities

• Create mood boards, set designs, and layouts based on criteria provided by game designers and producers.
• Collaborate with producer to understand and work within an outlined budget.
• Work with appropriate stakeholders to ensure the set is consistent with the aesthetic and feel of a well established, long running television property.
• Work with game designers to ensure design meets criteria and constraints outlined by game designers; e.g.:
– A room must look like it is from a specific time period.
– A room must be furnished and dressed in a way to accommodate a certain number of people comfortably.
– Set design must not impede the game experience.
• Produce, build and decorate the set to meet approved design.
• Dress and disguise items or equipment (e.g. speakers, wiring).
• Source and buy dressing, items, and furniture for multiple rooms.
• Source and buy specific items to be in rooms that are to be part of puzzles in the game that meets specific constraints, e.g. an item must be of a certain size, colour, or material.
• Source artists or builders or other professionals to produce a set piece if necessary.
• Complete the above within given deadlines.

Please send a cover letter and your resume in a single PDF to Kaitlin Tremblay ( by June 2nd 2017.

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