When playing one of our premium Escape Room experiences, you may run into an in-game actor or two. These actors will help with throughout the game, but half the time you’d never even know it! This is made possible through various forms of hinting.

As you can imagine, we take our in-game hinting seriously here at Secret City Adventures. This got us thinking… Can our hinting system be applied outside of these Escape Room experiences? and how? 

Hinting for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner and the launch of our brand new Shop, it’s time to start hinting to your friends and family at that perfect gift! Here are a few pointers when trying to help you get started:

1. Set goals

Start by creating a list of gifts you think would suit you. For example, puzzle enthusiasts and out-of-the-box adventurers would love our Secret City Passport, but maybe they’re also a Murdoch Mysteries fan? If that’s the case, in our Shop you can also find the official Murdoch Mysteries Escape Series Tee! Hinting can be a lengthy process. Once you’ve got your list, you can spend less of it brainstorming and more time hinting!

(**Remember to take note of sites with shipping discounts! Orders made in our shop over $75 are shipped free!)

2. Be Subtle

It’s important to remember that your target will ultimately choose to notice or ignore your hints. You can accommodate for this by tailoring your hints to the individual!

Some friends would prefer their hints verbally. In this case, consider talking around the subject. If your new year’s resolution is to try an Escape Room for the first time, Say things like “I want to try some more interactive experiences this year and I think I know where I’ll start!”. This will enable conversations about your gift. Commenting things like “I would love this” on a Facebook post or tagging someone in a tweet might subtly do the trick as well! Like our in-game actors, you’ll need to remember to proceed cautiously at this stage or you’ll risk ‘over-hinting’! 

3. Make adjustments

If you’ve read this far, your hinting likely needs a little adjustment. Tiny details can be powerful in the coming weeks so hopefully like our brand-new Secret City Passports, your gift is customizable! You’ll need to continue your efforts! With customization, you may have just found new ways to talk about your preferred gift!

For example, our Flexible Passport offers players their choice of 3 immersive experiences! Perfect for indecisive players and also cheaper than our Complete Passport! Be warned, conveying customization details can be challenging as well as obvious to the perceptive. Once again, you’ll need to tread lightly.

4. Don’t overdo it!

As you might know from playing an Escape Room, hints aren’t always going to work as planned. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get what you were hoping for this year, but now that you’ve got a few pointers, you can practice hinting things all year round! Feel free to consult any of our experienced in-game actors for all your hinting needs. 

Remember that the holidays are a time of giving and that the perfect gifts always come from the heart. Regardless of what’s given to you this year, it’s important to show gratitude!

Best of luck and happy hinting from all of us here at Secret City Adventures!