Great escape room design is centered around challenging and inspiring players. But, with a no spoilers policy afterwards it’s no wonder some myths have emerged!

If you’re not sure if escape room games are for you, read on and find out why they might just surprise you, as we go mythbusting…



1. “I’ll be locked in a room and won’t be able to get out” 

Does the image above resonate with you?

Being trapped in a space and not being able to get out is one of the most common concerns new players have – after all, locked rooms are the name of the game!

While this might sound fairly daunting, remember you’ll be playing as part of a team. Face the challenges together, and whether the room stays locked or not is up to the group collectively.

At our games, an in-game character, actor or facilitator will also always be on site – if you need to leave the room you can. Our staff always have a backup key, but remember that using theirs won’t count towards your escape!

Here at Secret City Adventures, we also like to push the boundaries of escape rooms and our latest game at Black Creek Pioneer Village is actually a game without walls. Players get to explore the village rather than being confined to just one space – no locked rooms involved!


2. “I don’t usually enjoy games, so why would I enjoy this?”

The only way for you to truly find out is if you take that chance! Live action escape room games captivate and immerse players in a way that other games simply can’t.

In fact, escape rooms were only invented a decade ago, but have proved so popular that they can now be found worldwide… so why not give one a go, and see why?!


3. “Playing with people I don’t know will be awkward”

A great deal of work goes into designing our immersive experiences and every element of your game is taken into consideration, including your team makeup.

Imagine playing with 6 of your closest friends… you’re joined by 5 strangers who help you escape. After escaping, your newly assembled team begins to sing Happy Birthday to you. This kind of scenario happens all the time!

Escape rooms aren’t completed alone. Just as your best friends were once strangers, teammates sometimes exchange contact information to meet up for another game. With a common goal, shared experience and lots of fun, escape games are actually a great way to meet new friends.                                                                                  
But, we get it – some people prefer a private experience. We can actually arrange exclusive events, just contact us to discuss. Or, why not book 6 tickets to Where Dark Things Dwell, because although it runs with 60 players, groups are split into teams of 6 for a semi-private game.


4. “I’ll look stupid as I’m not great at puzzles”

Perhaps mathematics isn’t your strong suit. Has a crossword puzzle or two left you stumped?

Don’t worry, the escape room genre is more than just a series of complex puzzles these days. Our games are designed to excite and entertain all the individuals of a group. Just as each of our games has a different storyline, each clue within them has a different mechanism. So, whether it’s a search-and-find, riddle, jigsaw or mechanical mystery, there will be a set of clues and tasks to suit everyone.

And if you don’t escape? Our live-action immersive experiences are great fun anyway! You won’t want to leave… unless you weren’t able to stop the evil curse of Black Creek from rising, in which case we suggest making a swift exit while you can!


5. “It’s too expensive”

In-room actors, historic venues, bespoke crafted puzzles and original storylines in a race against the clock… you won’t be forgetting your adrenaline-fuelled hour of escapism in a hurry!

But, if you’re concerned about costs, try booking a mid-week game as our non prime-time tickets are cheaper. You could also start your adventures with the fan favourites that can found at Real Escape Game for only $28!


6. “This sounds scary”

Our games aren’t as scary as you might think. Once in-game, you’ll be surprised how enjoyable being trapped inside places like the tower or basement of a historic castle can be!

In fact, even our scariest game – an occult-themed storyline set at Black Creek Pioneer Village at night – is designed to be more fun than fright. Just maybe choose an earlier game if you’re concerned about the fear factor.


So how was that? Feel refreshed? We hope what’s held you from playing before won’t hold you back anymore. Remember that the wild and mysterious circumstances you face in our game will be with a team as bewildered as you are. So, don’t take them too seriously – escape games are about having fun!


Image credit:  Live bee demonstration at the CNE (1914), courtesy of the City of Toronto Archives (fonds 1244, item 2046)