Einstein’s Puzzle, or The Zebra Puzzle, is a mind-boggling logic puzzle. To solve it, you will need to put on your detective hat and using the clues given to you in the story to answer a simple question…

Einstein's Zebra Puzzle

Albert Einstein is often credited as the inventor of the puzzle, though some sources attribute it to Lewis Caroll. Popular rumour goes that only 2% of the population is able to solve it!

Many variations of the puzzle exist, but the following version first appeared in Life International magazine on December 17, 1962 and is the most well-known.

  1. There are five houses.
  2. The Englishman lives in the red house.
  3. The Spaniard owns the dog.
  4. Coffee is drunk in the green house.
  5. The Ukrainian drinks tea.
  6. The green house is immediately to the right of the ivory house.
  7. The Old Gold smoker owns snails.
  8. Kools are smoked in the yellow house.
  9. Milk is drunk in the middle house.
  10. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
  11. The man who smokes Chesterfields lives in the house next to the man with the fox.
  12. Kools are smoked in the house next to the house where the horse is kept.
  13. The Lucky Strike smoker drinks orange juice.
  14. The Japanese smokes Parliaments.
  15. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.

Now, who drinks the water? Who owns the Zebra?

Can you solve this puzzle…?

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